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Why Makers Boot Camp?

Small Production: 10 to 5000 pieces – cost effective, on time.
Mentorship up to date with forefront top quality techniques.
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We are looking for

  • Hardware startups and entrepreneurs
  • Software engineers and companies looking to expand into hardware and IoT fields
  • Research institutes, university startups

Our Main Areas are

  • Consumer oriented hardware and IoT products (wearables, smart house, etc.)
  • Healthcare, medical devices
  • Agriculture, energy, environment, infrastructure
  • Factory automation
  • Automotive
  • Drug discovery, chemistry
  • Fusion of traditional crafts and technology

1 to 1

Program Customised Fees

We will give you a personal quote for your very own project. Simply reach out to us to get started.

Unique Advantages

Kyoto Institute of Technology :  fully equipped wooden factory, lab with free access to softwares, resources and professionals.

Kyoto Research Park offices (KSP): co-sharing space community with many other startups.


Mentoring sessions

  • Venue: facilities provided by Kyoto City
  • Series of meet ups @MTRL Kyoto

Don’t miss this amazing chance to meet both makers and investors!

Join our Next Monozukuri Hub Event

Monozukuri Bootcamp: Fashion and Tech
 with Bonbouton and The Crated
Demo Day: August, 23rd  – 7 pm @MTRL Kyoto

How to Apply

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What are the Steps of Design for Manufacturing?

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Why are we so unique?

Makers Boot Camp is one of the only accelerators that is a direct front-end for manufacturers, the Kyoto Prototype Network.
Usually unavailable to small companies and startups, Makers Boot Camp helps you get your prototype ready for this high quality DFM project management

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  • “Kansai is the homeland of top brands as Kyocera, Mitsubishi, Nintendo, Panasonic and Omron and we connect entrepreneurs to our Samurai Kansai-based mentors from KSN hardware companies.”

    -Narimasa Makino

  • “We want to focus further on prototype development, connecting with hardware startups by partnering with Makers Boot Camp. Together, we are excited to help making Kyoto as a hub for hardware startups.”

    -Masatoshi Takeda

  • Japanese hardware companies and industries have strength and potentials in solving problems that hardware startups in the world face. I’m excited to see Makers Boot Camp becoming the leading global acceleration program for hardware startups from Japan.”

    -Allan Miner

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Global Partners