Monozukuri from your small lot to our Supply Chain

Your project managed by our experts: fast and cost-effective

Project Management

With a tailor-made Master Plan, we guide your next steps based on your business plan. Our experts help you to validate your assumptions according to your own goals.


Our +100 R&D manufacturers optimise your project, so you can spend more time and energy for what really makes the difference for startups: Marketing & Sales. Check it out!


MBC Shisaku Fund is the 1st Japanese Fund for IoT Startups: get professional support for your small lot production.

Maker’s Community events!

Join our Monozukuri meet up hub.   
Next event: Hardware Cup Summer Night 2017
Osaka: August, 2nd – 6pm @Osaka Innovation Hub

Our Fields of Expertise

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    IoT Related Products

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    Factory Automation

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    Chemical Discovery

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    Smart Home

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    Agricultural Automation

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    Fusion of Crafts and Tech

Our Manufacturers: a team of Experienced OEMs and ODMs.

Startups We Supported

Featured Mentors

Mikuni Kimura

Serial-Entrepreneur, Manufacturing and Venture Capital Background

Ryuji Kanda

Design Expert & PCB Guru

Kazuyoshi Kamegawa

Resin Mold Expert

Monozukuri Tour 2017

Meet the experts and learn about small lot prototyping. 

Visit the best-in-class R&D makers factories.

Learn about DFM with our SMEs & meet International Team!
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Insights from Mentors who support us

Jeffrey McDaniel
Innovation Works

“Presentation & pitching skills must be the first great step for makers to appeal to investors. I hope you all grow up using Japanese manufacturing expertise with Makers Boot Camp and KSN”.

Masayuki Takeda
crossEffect CEO
Manufacturing Expert

“Our goal is to increase our contact points with startups with focus on R&D. Kyoto is the city of monozukuri, the Japanese word for constant improvement in terms of manufacturing.”

Allen Miner
SunBridge Group
Founder & CEO

“I think that Japan’s strength in manufacture can grant a high potential to the latest hardware startups in the world. I hope Makers Boot Camp develops into a worldwide community.”

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