Makers Boot Camp

empowers IoT entrepreneurs, sharing Japanese monozukuri know-how from small lot prototyping to First Factory Run, finding news way to connect hardware startups to global players.

Our efforts come from passionate entrepreneurs thrilled to share our worldwide known best practices: fast, trustworthy and always on time.


Be the main gateway to/from Japan to the IoT global ecosystem, supporting hardware entrepreneurs on key points from Business model to Supply Chain.


After realising that many hardware successful crowdfunded campaigns are not able to reach mass production and fail to deliver products on time, our Co-Founders started to use Japanese know-how to help hardware startups crossing the gap of “the valley of death”: Design for Manufacturing.

Makino, managing incubators and co-working spaces, has been able to experience a vast and diverse startup ecosystem, offering many practical solutions to support it.

Kenshin brings his technical expertise on team building across multiple regions and countries that have allowed him to develop a CTO & CIO role for high-tech startups.

Takeda connects manufacturers to IoT startups: representing Kyoto Shisaku Net, +100 small & medium enterprises who joined forces to complement each other and face industrial challenges as a group.

Even though products can be manufactured in alternative countries, when it comes to excellence, Japan is considered to be one of the main places that international makers are inspired by and can learn from.

A Customised Hardware Acceleration from Kyoto,
a hotbed of manufacturing craftsmanship.

Makino Narimasa

Makino Narimasa

CEO and Co-founder

Entrepreneur, VC at FVC & SunBridge Global Ventures

Kenshin Fujiwara

Kenshin Fujiwara


Serial-Entrepreneur, Hacarus CEO & Former Engineer at Sony

Masatoshi Takeda

Masatoshi Takeda

Co-Founder and Director

CEO of CrossEffect Inc. & Board Member of Kyoto Shisaku Net


Mikuni Kimura


Investment and Manufacturing Expert


Nobuhiro Seki


Founder of FabFoundry


Sabrina Sasaki


Digital Project Consulting & International Marketing


Mari Futagami

Community Manager

Events & PR


Jonas Marc




Sushi Suzuki


Associate Professor at the Kyoto Institute of Technology


680-1 Omandokoro-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Dai 8 Hase Bldg. 2F, 
Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, 600-8413 – Japan

Closest Station:
Subway Shijo Station, 1 min walk Southwards from Exit 6