Our mission is to empower IoT entrepreneurs, assessing Japanese monozukuri know-how from small lot to full Supply Chain, and finding new ways to connect global hardware startups to key players in our ecosystem.

Monozukuri: from your Small Lot to our Supply Chain

The Masterplan for your Masterpiece
Assessment and Improvements
  • Full Project Management support for your small lot, in order to make your project feasible, profitable and manufacturable.
  • We assess your business model and validate your files (BOM, CAD files and technical specs provided by you)
  • You have access to the best-in-class resources. Learn more about our key partners.
  • We take care of your project, prototyping focused on Design for Manufacturing (DFM).
1.Getting ready for your kickoff:
  • We assess your project and get the best offer within our network in terms of quality, price and materials.
  • After NDA + agreements, we’ll suggest a schedule according to your budget and customized needs.
  • We’ll set a meeting to address possible doubts and additional points before validating your project’s next steps.
  • Our Manufacturers will work on your project only after our agreement for the Master Plan, which means we’ll make sure to cover all possible gaps prior to spending your industrial fees.
  • With our Project Management support, you can save time, money and energy for what makes the difference for startups: Sales & Marketing. You won’t have to deal with all manufacturers directly on a daily-basis!
2. Remote support and status report
  • Kickoff with Master Plan, defining clear milestones and definition of technical points (BOM, firmware, PCB, specifications, schema, etc).
  • Weekly status calls and status documents, to follow up on your project and clarify possible gaps/doubts.
  • We support and advise your project decisions, recommending possible paths with industrial best practices.
  • At this stage you might be also eligible for MBC Shisaku Fund, after due diligence – check criteria here.
  • We can also introduce you to possible investors who might be looking for projects like yours.

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  • The 1st Japanese Fund for prototyping: you can get additional funds for your small lot (after due diligence)
  • We will support from 10 to 15 promising startups per year (50% in Japan, 50% overseas)

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  • You can get support before and after Mass Manufacturing
    › access to a trustworthy supply chain
    › form strategic partnerships
    › get marketing assistance

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Full Assessment of the best SMEs for your project

We select the best Japanese manufacturers for each part of your project.

MBC Project Management Costs

• You pay US$2,000 per month for our project management services
• The project will last about 3 to 6 months

What’s not included: Industrial costs for prototyping depend on material, design and purpose of your small lot. It can range from US$20,000 up to US$100,000.

The total cost might vary depending on the decisions you make for the project, so that’s the main importance of the BOM definition, part of the startup core tasks (we can advise/recommend but it’s up to your team as this decision affects the entire project scope, price and timeline).

You can bring your team to Japan for the kickoff, project alignment and introduction to all mentors, and launch, when you can introduce the final deliverable to investors and media in our events.

Extra costs you should consider: Travel expenses

– Kickoff with our Manufacturers HQ in Kyoto; visit facilities and their capabilities and also bring your prototype with you. (We recommend this as a way for your team to be more comfortable and understand who’s behind you work)
– Meetings with key local companies who can provide high quality pieces for your product. We support Foreign startups who wish to partner with corporations in Japan, as we’ve already done before with Bonbouton and LOOMIA, both startups from NYC.
– Be a speaker and engage with our local community, in a demo session at our events like the meet ups we organize monthly, to introduce your company.

Testimonial: Hacarus

Website: hacarus.com

HACARUS is a health care venture with a mission is to achieve health through diet, powered by technology.
Engaged in activities that promote the health in the world through eating “We are what we eat”, the Kyoto based company name comes from the Japanese word “hakaru,” which means “to measure”.

Prototype developed by KSN

• A special kitchen scale that automatically inputs data for you.
• Easy to use: place your food on top of the scale and say the name of the food out into your smartphone.
• Your smartphone will automatically calculate the nutrients and store the information in the cloud.

Kenshin Fujiwara

(Serial-Entrepeneur & former Engineer at Sony)

HACARUS prototypes were a key point to validate our first concept and get valid feedbacks from real users (not family & friends). KSN partners are extremely fast and delivered my project in 3 months, with an investment of USD 50k. After rounds of iteration, we’ve decided to change our business model from IoT to AI and software. I believe IoT startups should look for DFM expert support before waisting so much time and money mass manufacturing in China.

SMEs that supported Hacarus





MBC Shisaku Fund

Investment Policy
• Who we fund: both domestic and international startups that haven’t got IPO (private equity)/unlisted
• Where we fund: North America, Europe, Asia
• Stage: Early Stage Startups with a working prototype.
• Area: IoT related startups growing industries
       › Robotics, Sensors, Networking, Big Data Analysis, Medical Devices, Nursing Care, Consumer/Lifestyle, Environmental, Energy
• Amount: from 10 million yen (USD 90,000) up to 100 million yen (USD 900,000)
• Purpose: Prototyping Fees only (Industrial Costs)

MBC Supply Chain & Partners

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