Our mission is to empower IoT entrepreneurs, assessing Japanese monozukuri know-how from small lot to full Supply Chain, and finding new ways to connect global hardware startups to key players in our ecosystem.

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Monozukuri: from your Small Lot to our Supply Chain

1. MBC Project Consulting & Prototyping

Prototyping Consulting & Manufacturing Construction Schedule Charts

  • Assessment of project documents to match you with the best manufacturing options
  • Alignment of technical specifications
  • Selection of suitable SMEs, according to quality, price, and materials.
  • Connection to the SMEs
  • Support and advise on key project decisions, recommending possible paths
  • Suggestions of a schedule according to your budget and timeline.
  • Project kickoff with MBC, creating a Master Plan
  • Progress Monitoring & Reporting (Weekly Status Calls and Documents)

Testimonial: Hacarus

Website: hacarus.com

HACARUS is a health care venture with a mission is to achieve health through diet, powered by technology.
Engaged in activities that promote the health in the world through eating “We are what we eat”, the Kyoto based company name comes from the Japanese word “hakaru,” which means “to measure”.

Prototype developed by KSN

• A special kitchen scale that automatically inputs data for you.
• Easy to use: place your food on top of the scale and say the name of the food out into your smartphone.
• Your smartphone will automatically calculate the nutrients and store the information in the cloud.

Kenshin Fujiwara

(Serial-Entrepeneur & former Engineer at Sony)

HACARUS prototypes were a key point to validate our first concept and get valid feedbacks from real users (not family & friends). KSN partners are extremely fast and delivered my project in 3 months, with an investment of USD 50k. After rounds of iteration, we’ve decided to change our business model from IoT to AI and software. I believe IoT startups should look for DFM expert support before waisting so much time and money mass manufacturing in China.

Current Stage: Fundraising
Small lot production developed by Makers Boot Camp: 100 prototype unities

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MBC Supply Chain & Partners

  • You can get support before and after Mass Manufacturing
    • access to a trustworthy supply chain
    • form strategic partnerships
    • get marketing assistance