Smart Shopping

Contact  Hidetoshi Hayashi, Founder & Managing Director
Address  〒141-0021 2-6 – 31 Kamisuzaki Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
E-Mail: [email protected]
TEL +81 03-4405-5629


Smart Shopping is developing an automatic IoT purchase system, using a platform that provides customers with an on-demand, no-hassle grocery shopping experience, combining essential household items with free shipping. (currently only available in Japan)


  • Smart Shopping was created in 2014 with the vision of providing “the best shopping concierge in the world to make usual shopping more convenient” for all kinds of users, including elderly shoppers who can’t carry weight.
  • SmartShopping smartscale uses its original algorithm with sensors, developed by its team, connected to a smartphone via the wifi

How does Smart Shopping work?

Once you have a smartscale prototype, you’ll follow the step-by-step:
1.With a smartphone or with a computer, you can use Smart Shopping website.
2.In the first use, you just need to put your item on the smartscale. Total weight is automatically set from their catalog data.
3.Keep the smart scale turned on as you use its products.
4.Once it’s gone, the smart scale will order a new one.
Reminder: Don’t move the empty box from the scale, as you can see the examples on the photos.

Smart Shopping Features:

  • Ultimate shopping experience: fast & convenient – no need to start the app nor even any search for the product after your 1st purchase – it’s automatic once you set it up – just wait for your next purchase to be delivered again, door-to-door. The device will buy your basic groceries before you realize it ran out!
  • Affordable: free shipping in Japan – Both initial and monthly costs are free
  • Eco-friendly: no need to take your car!

Current stage: Prototyping & Product iteration
Small lot production developed by Makers Boot Camp: 20 prototype unities

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