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Ryuji Kanda

Design Management Expert | Our PCB guru

After joining KYOSO Computer Co. Ltd. Kanda was involved in the product development of a variety of leading manufacturers as a mechanical design engineer. Then, in a way beyond the frame of a designer, he supported product development process reforms and design development management department. By involving these areas, he enhances the appearance of the “Manufacturing and jack-of-all-trades which involves in the surrounding environment widely and shallowly”. From 2012, as a planning executive director of the Kyoto Shisaku Net, he has been responsible for development solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises, a variety of business models, planning and proposal of the project.

Kazuyoshi Kamegawa

Resin Mold Expert

Graduated from Kobe Industrial Design Department, joined the Industrial Design Prototype Manufacturer, engaged in machining operator. In 2007, started working for crossEffect, and then appointed in 2012 as a Design Team Leader. Main projects: NTT WEST light BOX + remote control design and Omron HVC-C design. Prizes: “Cardiac simulator project” in 2013 Good Design Award, Gold prize (Minister of Economy Award). In the same year, he won the 5th Monozukuri Nippon Prime Minister’s Awards.

Tomihiro Kinoshita

Middleware Expert

Born in Kyoto, since 1999 he is at Kinoshita Electronics Industry, engaged first at Production Department, and then assigned to the Sales Department. In 2013, he became a Director. As part of Kyoto Prototype Net Director, his mains focus is design and manufacturing of electronic control equipments. He has also been involved in the development of a variety of products. As a specialist of electrical and electronic equipment and technology control, meeting customer’s needs, he’s been aiming to offer fast works by technology tie-up with Chinese companies that have provided flexible products.

Kyoshin Fujita

Circuit Board Expert

After graduation from Osaka Prefecture University Department of Electrical Engineering, Fujita experienced design, display and drive circuit development, backlight power supply, radio equipment module, and a semiconductor IC at NEW NEC. Responsible for the entire technology group of solar cell testing equipment and systems, charge and discharge device of the secondary battery, automatic control device, high-voltage and high-frequency power supply devices. Also focus on prototype projects as a company participating in the Kyoto Prototype Net.

Kei Kamimura

Sheet Metal Stampling Expert

Ben Davoult


Ben is an enthusiast maker. Originally from France, he came to Japan in 2010 after finishing his Master in Industrial Design, and was hired by crossEffect. His work is mainly as a Product Designer, but also as a Silicone Mold Designer for Vacuum Casting, and Prototypes/trial models creator. He’s passionate about making new things, especially useful new inventions, spending most of his spare time creating devices and machines of all kinds, with his own 3D printer at home. Specialties: from the concept of a new product, to the last renders and visuals, market research, feasibility study and technical solutions.
Advanced knowledge of the field of industry, mass product (metal die) and rapid prototyping (Silicon mold and stereloythography).
Knowledge of plastics families properties, Polymers and principal Composite materials.
Mastering Photoshop, Indesign, Rhinoceros, Maxwell Render, Keyshot.