Dohi Bankin Co.,Ltd.

Contact Hidenori Dohi (President)
Address 320 Fukuoka-cho Kanshuji Yamashina-ku Kyoto 607-8232 
E-Mail [email protected]
TEL + 81–75-502-4611
FAX +81-75-502-4613


Stainless steel and aluminum processing, architecture hardware, mechanical hardware.
Manufacturing for interior/domestic items.


For general customers and professional workers, processing small lots such as stainless steel, iron, aluminum are the strong points.

Products / Services

Processing Architectural hardware, can-sheet metal, and interior hardware processing.

Designer Stainless Steel: many of our prototype inquiries come from artists. Even without a blueprint or model, we work with our clients to develop an ideal design. The photo to the right shows a chair we designed with a client made by bending a single flat steel bar. We are equipped to support such processing for objects up to three meters, and we regularly work in the fine arts, agricultural, and architectural fields.

Customised Architecture (Eaves, Railings, Gutters, etc.): extensive experience developing custom-made parts for buildings, such as precision-angled wall panels, railings, gutters and more. With quick response and even quicker delivery times, we are an ideal source for your building needs.


Works with customised hand-drawings of products and has a very fast response.

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