Kamimura Co., Ltd.

Contact Kei Kamimura (President)
Address Nishinohata-1-23 Ōkubochō, Uji-shi, Kyōto-fu 611-0033
E-Mail [email protected]
TEL +81-74-43-4800
FAX +81-74-43-4888
URL www.kamimurass.com


Precision metal processing


Simple gold molding processing industry, equipment parts processing and related equipment design and assembly.

Products / Services

Provide fast and cheap high quality solutions in the metal processing field.


  • Design: considered to be impossible in the sheet metal processing , such as panels and exterior of the cover
  • Welding: tank or tray that there is anxiety in the air-tightness.
  • Inferior unexpected shape to the resin molding of sheet metal
  • Low initial cost: avoid the cost and risk of  mold cost
  • Quick start-up: avoidance of opportunity loss and out.

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