Saijo Inx Co.

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Address 5 Nishikotobuki-cho, Saiin, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan
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Precise metal stamping & insert molding: sheet prototype machining, mass production, round bar, bus processing, fin assembly, processing and assembly.


Created to be a visionary company, a development type maker supporting the world’s development, as an innovation partner to lead your business to success.

Products / Services

Electronic components (Connectors, Relays and Switches), Optical transmitters, Power modules, Car navigations, Analyzers, Fins, etc.

Microprocessing of metal within 2 mm precision. This microfabrication can be processed and ready for delivery within one week to handle both small and large-run orders.

Metal Molding Set of metal and plastic goods made with precision insert molding. We perform at the top of our field, and guarantee a high degree of accuracy and delivery time within two weeks.

Precision Diaphragm notable for incredible precision, high accuracy increasing, producing various sizes and shapes of the aperture, up to a 1mm diameter.


Profile Grinder: making precision molds of micro-parts. Incredibly fast and very quiet allows us to use the machine for around-the-clock applications.

NEX15: high-spec molding machine for plastic micro-molds. This machine boasts the industry’s highest degree of pressure response.

Kyoto Shisaku Press: ideal machine for precision high-speed prototyping. Space-saving design, noise reduction and clean-air technology (no oil used in the motor) make this an ideal fixture of our factory floor.

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