Bonbouton | Smart Clothes, Wiser Humans

Contact Linh Le (CEO & Co-Founder)
Address 175 Varick Street, New York, NY 10014 – USA
E-Mail: [email protected]
TEL +1 (917) 553 2028


Bonbouton focus on wise choices for personal health: comfortable & beautiful clothes with smart solutions to collect customised data. With extraordinary flexibility and thinness, “comfortable-to-wear” graphene sensor arrays can be used for constant and wireless monitoring of a variety of medical topics.


  • Sensors as trims: thermal sensor transfers the heat, wiring and data out uses conductive thread and textile data ribbon, breathing sensor is conductive yarn knitted into the garment.
  • Brands don’t need to create standalone apps: just choose from a bucket of pre-made applets ( like a plugin).


  • A novel means of sensor array infusion in an additive and net-shape manner.
  • Manufacturing readiness with industrial inkjet printers developed for flexible electronics.

About GO (Graphene Oxide):


  • hydrophilic because of hydroxyl functional groups
  • suspension stable in water up to 5% on a weight basis
  • inkjet printable

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