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Bonbouton is a smart clothes platform that allows users measure and track vitals as well as activity in a comfortable and unobtrusive manner. With extraordinary flexibility and thinness, “comfortable-to-wear” graphene sensor arrays can be used for constant and wireless monitoring of a variety of medical topics.


Bonbouton brings modern scientific discoveries to consumer’s daily needs. Graphene( Nobel Prize in Physics 2010), a extremely thin sheet graphite, with the same strength as diamond, high flexibility, electrical and thermal conductivity, is regarded as promising as a substitute for silicon and precious metals due to its high chemical resistance and heat resistance.

CEO & Co-Founder Linh Le, a graphene researcher, owns five patents related to the special printing technology of “graphene” and is currently applying for a new patent.

Bonbouton has a patent on graphene thermal sensor, the first of its kind and ideally suited for use in textiles, using traditional apparel manufacturing and offering a very confortably, hardly noticed.

Increasing medical expenses has become a social problem in the United States, and preventive medicine has attracted great interest as a means of solving the problem. Within the United States, 30 million people are suffering from diabetes, of which 70 000 people have discontinued lower limbs caused by diabetes. We will propose that precaution through Bonbouton’s sensor.

Bonbouton is also a graduate of the largest acceleration program Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator in NY and is currently participating in DIGITAL HEALTH BREAKTHROUGH NETWORK in New York City. Through this program, he is conducting clinical trials with major hospitals in NY city . After proving effectiveness in the experiment, we plan to provide services for general consumers in 2019.


  • BB is developing a platform that monitors early symptoms appearing in legs as a complication of diabetic patients with a shoe insole sensor and informs the patient through the application. .
  • *Insole type sensor using graphene does not change feeling of usual insoles and feeling.
  • *Flexible graphene sensors with patented BB is expected not only for foot care but also sensor application for general health care

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