LOOMIA | Smarter Fabric, Brighter Moments.

Contact Maddy Maxey (Founder)
Address 63 Flushing Avenue Brooklyn, NY, 11205, USA
E-Mail [email protected]  
URL www.loomia.co


LOOMIA make wearables more wearable by making fabric smarter, with circuit boards using proprietary conductive ink and additional processes. These sorts of smart fabrics mean an exciting future for not just apparel, but also furniture, industrial wear and even wristbands.


LOOMIA turns fabric into circuit boards, replacing rigid wires with flexible and soft fabric for textile based wearables.

  • For manufacturers, this means easier soft circuit integration.
  • For consumers, this means comfy heated jackets, biometric hospital gowns,and responsive car interiors.

Demo Table in Kyoto

  • Smart fabric conducts electricity in patterns, making a fabric into a circuit. To create this future, we’re mixing up stretchable and flexible conductive materials to bring energy to your fabric – literally.


Enabling technologies to help brands, manufacturers, and makers bring electricity to their products.

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