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VELDT believes in the concept of a life tech balance and has been working to make it happen, aiming to improve the rhythm of people living in today’s stressful lives. Minimizing the overflow of smartphones can help avoiding stress & anxiety caused by unnecessary feeds and updates, helping users to enjoy life in better ways.

Its new watch ‘Veldt Luxture’, announced at Baselworld 2017, is a small, thin luxury watch featuring indirect LED lighting underneath the bezel that displays information synched to a smartphone.

Orders be taken from March 2017, and deliveries should begin from January 2018.


VELDT team is development devices that integrate features like activity trackers for collecting data, with a functional design and a clear monozukuri concept – the coexistence of engineering and craftsmanship, making a “display-less computing” feasible.


VELDT was originally developed for ‘executive athletes’ but it’s now considering how to customize new products considering all the feedbacks from different clusters of users:

  • Business leaders willing to focus on results.
  • Tireless athletes that continue to strive to improve themselves.
  • People who are expected to make the best out of their daily lives.

Core features

  • Light exposure time, activity levels and sleep are all accurately logged by sensors, and then visually presented in a graph.
  • The circuit modules and software used in the new products were developed for hybrid smartwatches of analog and digital design.
  • The LED lights notify only important messages and appointments, as well as hour-to-hour weather information, all in sync with the user’s smartphone.
  • The team is also considering development of devices such as activity tracker focusing more on grasping health condition, while continuing development of the higher-grade product line
  • Veldt has also teamed up with the National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry to develop an accurate “sleep analysing” algorithm called ‘Venass’.

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