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Project Management

Customised Program Fees

We will work on a personal estimation for your project. Reach out to us to get a quote.

Meet key partners

Hotbed of Hardware ecosystem

Get introduced to a hub of companies and new ways to partner with large corporations.

Monozukuri Hub

Mentoring sessions

“Monozukuri”, a state of mind: the craftsmanship spirit to constantly improve not only the product but also the entire process.

We have
Prototyping Companies
Projects our Manufacturers advised so far
Costs saved by up to

Design Related Services

Our team can manage design and development consistently, with our experts recommendations for DFM improvements. Depending on the scope and complexity, this stage requires extra time and attention, but it represents up to 40% of the entire project.
Basic requirements: core elements of your project (product CAD files, BOM and technical specs.)
Our Manufacturer experts who can support you with Concept & Design:
– crossEffect
– Hilltop
– Kyoso Technology

Prototype Manufacturing Services

→ Manufacturing: sheet & precision metal processing sheet metal processing
→ Machining cutting: 2D, 3D CAD, CAM.
→ Machines & industrial tools
→ Press sheet metal (sheet metal processing and precision machined parts)
→ Resin processing and molding
→ Composite lathe & MC processing
→ Medical-related: heart simulator & micro forceps
→ Iron, stainless steel, aluminum and copper processing
→ Industrial equipment parts: aviation& automotive-related
→ Light molding, vacuum casting
→ Fine – Minimalprocessing
→ Wires, fine hole, discharge &grinding processing
→ Surface treatment: plating, coating, etc.
→ Rubber processing

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Why are we so unique?

Makers Boot Camp has directly access to +100 Japanese manufacturers and exclusive group of qualified professionals, the Kyoto Prototype Network.
Our manufacturers can build your prototype while Makers Boot Camp takes care of your project.

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