Kakaxi | Connected Farm

Contact Taizo Otsuka (CEO)
Address 440 N Wolfe Rd, MS-183 – Sunnyvale, CA 94085
URL https://kakaxi.me


Kakaxi collects robust weather data with time-lapse video of plant growth to help farmers know more about farm and share the story of food. Kakaxi develops high-tech, affordable farm monitoring devices that collect robust weather data with matching time lapse video to tell the story behind food.

The Kakaxi platform services both sides of the supply chain, from producer to consumer. The device provides farmers with actionable insights, while creating value through transparency for foodservice distributors, certifiers, CPG brands, online grocery, restaurants, and farmers markets.


  • Run with SolarPower
  • Plug and Play Installation
  • Built-in Camera & Sensors
  • World-wide 3G Connection
  • Small and Light
  • Cost 1/10 than Competitors


    Kakaxi device uses sensor technology to capture and broadcast accurate, hyper-local weather data. The device uses an ultra-wide camera to capture time-lapse video of food growth, is solar powered, and connected by 3G. Easy to read graphs detail on-farm conditions via Farmer Dashboard accessible by smartphone or computer.

Installation is a breeze!

    The Kakaxi device is powered entirely by the sun and is the first autonomous farm-monitoring system that pairs weather data with matching imagery of food growth. Simply open the box and place the device in the field to begin collecting data and recording.

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