ACT Corp

Contact Koji Akita (President)
Address 30 Gyogi-cho Nishikujo Minami-ku Kyoto-shi Kyoto 601-8442, Japan
E-Mail N/A
TEL +81 75-671-9873
FAX +81 75-671-7556


  • Semiconductor parts
  • Liquid crystal substrate parts
  • Precision sheet metal machining
  • System development


Provide high tech new processing techniques to small to medium-sized companies: (usually limited to large companies): for a much wider range of projects and special development purposes.

Certifications: provides certification for parts inspection and detailed data on degree of precision for each part produced.

Products / Services

Conveyor Apparatus for Solar Cells: incredibly delicate, must be handled carefully throughout the manufacturing and inspection phase. We developed a timed conveyor belt that can transport the cells at a rapid pace while also preventing damage.

Inspection Equipment: over 3,000 requests for a wide-range of product inspection equipment for electric parts and motor assembly. This equipment is designed for diverse applications on the production line –for mid-assembly inspection, final inspection, and quality inspection. We develop the parts, circuitry, and software in-house, offering comprehensive support along the way.

Ingot Grinding Machine: developed in-house, it is used for grinding and processing ingot semiconductor materials, mainly using silicon carbide.

Silicon Carbide Processing: gaining popularity as the next-generation semiconductor material. We are proud to offer our expertise of over 13 years in manufacturing ingots using the material.


Processing Technology Center: fully equipped for laser cutting, welding and NC lathing. We are optimized for maximum flexibility and able to account for last-minute changes in our clients’ orders. We offer support from initial planning to final assembly.

SiC Processing Equipment: revolutionary material used to replace silicon in the semiconductor manufacturing process. The process works by using single crystal SiC to convert Ingot into a highly reflected wafer-shape.

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