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Contact Toshiya Tsujimoto (President)
Address 84-2 Nishikawahara Ichinobe Joyo-shi Kyoto 610-0343, Japan
TEL +81-74-39-7803
FAX +81-74-39-7806

Cutting of super-engineering plastics
Metal Parts and Assembly Goods
3d modeling on computer


  • Cutting of super-engineering plastics
  • Surface treatment for electronic component parts
  • Surface treatment of automotive parts


Helping to make it possible to create from Prototype to Mass Production in the last 50 years, improving the quality of technology and speedy CS.

Products / Services

  • “Super Engineering Plastic” and Resin Processing
  • Translucent Casing and Covering
  • Metal Parts and Assembly Goods


  • Ookuma MB-66VA Vertical Machining Centre: rotating at 15,000 times a minute,  highly effective machine for  cutting hard plastics with dimensions up to to 1500mm x 660mm x 660mm.
  • Absorption Bed: for objects that can’t be held by a vise, our in-house air pressurized absorption bed provides a suitable alternative.
  • MasterCam 3D CAM/CAD
    We work with our clients to provide 3D modeling in-house, finding the best methods to produce the best part.

providing 3d modeling in house
Translucent Casing and Covering
Metal Parts and Assembly Goods

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