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Address 3F Hase-building-12 227 Hashibenkei Nishiiri Takoyakushi Karasuma Chukyo-ku Kyoto-shi Kyoto 604-8151, Japan
TEL +81-75-229-6345
FAX + 81-75-229-6346

engineer designing 3d model in computer
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mechanical and industrial design


PCB experts: Mechanical, electrical and software design. Performance evaluation with certifications.


Kyoso Technology is our PMO: the basis for our work as a team in Industrial Project Management and how we can work together with so many manufacturers. As technology trends change, mechanical design, electric and software are elements of excellency in manufacturing, developing products for both B2B and B2C.

Products / Services

Mechanical, electrical and electronic circuits, printed circuit boards, design development and prototyping of embedded software.


Mechanical Design: optimal design, production plan and equipment layout for product development. Before beginning work on final structural design, first factor for electrical system design and circuit board installation, to make sure that even the smallest details are accounted for, testing systems virtually before implementation. This ensures a smooth and stress-free development phase.

Circuit Design: supporting CPU, I/O, A/D, wireless, and FPGA/CPLD. Maximising reliability of engineering while finding innovative ways to minimize costs, meeting industry standards and regulations for safety.

Embedded Software: comprehensive support for hardware and circuit boards, high quality software development services.

Printed Circuit Board Design multi-layer, high-current, high-pressure analog board development.

engineer designing and developing prototype
printed circuit board design

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