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scientific instruments and environmental equipment
scientific instruments and environmental equipment
a copper plate with oxide film, Immersing for 5 seconds


Research reagents, general industrial chemicals and chemicals for semiconductors and plating, scientific instruments and environmental equipment.


Working everyday to make improvements to help save time, the most important goal is to make sure the client has peace of mind while using Sasaki Chemicals’ services. We focus on providing immediate attention, offering you what you want, when you want it.

Products / Services

Original products: metal surface treatment agent (reformed), various solvents, plastic with drying functions.

Chemical Polishing (stainless, steel, copper alloy, aluminum, titanium, nickel, cobalt): chemical immersion smooths, glosses and removes blemishes, and through this the commercial value of the metal increases. Every minute of chemical polishing shaves about 2~8μm. (*amount of polishing/chemicals varies) Each of our chemical polishes for the metals are of the highest class in the industry.

Oxide film removal (steel, copper allow, stainless steel, silver, titanium, Inconel, solder balls, nickel plating): Oxide film (rust and discoloration from burns) on the face of the metal is removed through liquid immersion. The processing time of the oxide film removal depends on the properties. Performing oxide removal not only makes the exterior clean, it improves the conductivity, and prior to plating is the key step in ensuring the final product is beautiful.

Ablation/removal (gold, silver, nickel, zinc, tin plating/ion plating coating/various plastics): various plating and paint ablation for plastics, tin, zinc, nickel, silver and gold. We are equipped with a wide range of removal solutions include acrylic, urethane and epoxy resin removal. Demand for this service increases yearly, in order to recover precious metals and make repairs.

Washing (glass, metal, stainless filter): cleans dirt on glassware, plastic equipment like breakers and medical devices, oil-soaked metals, and clogs in stainless steel filter. Our cleaning methods prevent the removal of oxide film and chemical polishing. Our cleaning chemicals are designed with consideration for the environment, using neutral water-based cleaning agents.


Inductive coupling plasma mass spectrometer ICP-MSS100 (Agilent Technologies): This device is used for a wide variety of general purposes, such as to analyze for trace components on the sample, determine the grade of metal, find detrimental elements and trace elements of harmful water and dirt, among other things. At our company, we mainly use the device in order to check the level of substances contained in the run-off after conducting chemical polishing used for metal treatment

Scanning electron microscope, laser microscope and regular microscope: In metal surface treatment, we often measure things in nano and micro measurements. We use three different very high quality microscopes. Scanning electron microscope SEM (KEYENCE) and EDX (Ametek): Simultaneously performs surface and exterior analysis while performing qualitative analysis of the metal. Laser microscope VX-X Series (KEYENCE): Inspects bumps in the metal surface, measuring before and after treatment. Microscope VHX (KEYENCE): Performs external surface analysis of the body to check for dirt and damages at a ㎝~μm

Karl Fischer moisture meter (Kyoto Electronics Manufacturing Co., Ltd.): We use a special “dry keep” desiccant for our products. Through special “dry keep” plastic that functions to absorb humidity, we can perform processing in many forms. For example, items that are adversely affected by moisture, like food and medicines, can be preserved when put into the “dry keep” bag. Since the bag itself is a drying agent, other products like silicon gels are not necessary. In order to measure the moisture level during product inspection and development, our company uses this Karl Fischer moisture meter, which measures the moisture level in ppm and percentages.

scientific instruments and environmental equipment
scientific instruments and environmental equipment

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