MBC Monozukuri Tour

monozukuri tour

We regularly organize Monozukuri Tour, a tailored-made business field trip to meet key innovative companies in Japan.

The culture of “monozukuri”, which stands for “making things with constant improvement” is part of the industrial expertise in Japan: a state of mind, the spirit to produce not only excellent products but also have the ability to constantly improve the production system and its processes.
Monozukuri uniqueness has attracted many disrupters from all over the world.

Why are global companies in Japan?

1. Leading Technology Country: Electronics Pioneering

2. 3rd largest economy with a mature market (5% of world GDP) – Population: 10th in the world.

This means a qualified market to looking for new products: 3rd largest market in the world, 2nd when it comes to luxury market and also for its unique Supply Chain & B2B enterprises.

3. Japanese companies partnering with startups to solve real problems

4. Supply chain respects patents

Japanese companies are known for high quality products and sophisticated standards with Quality Control and Project Management as a core. Local manufacturers are trustable and value long term visionary ventures.

5. Kyoto, the capital of Monozukuri culture

Fushimi Inari Taisha, represents our Monozukuri community of makers and manufacturers.
Each gate has been donated by a different company, highlighting the power of partnerships to achieve a common goal. Individually, each gate looks like a simple tori but once set side-by-side, it can build an unique path to the top.

In Kyoto, specifically, high technology and life science clusterization, with research-oriented universities and existing skilled workforce have been boosted by incubators, sources of local capital.

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