The MBC Shisaku Fund is the first Japanese fund for prototyping. We fund 10 to 15 promising startups per year, half from Japan and half from overseas. We co-invest with incubators, accelerators and VCs, and have an efficient due diligence process that will result in funding a first round of manufacturing.

MBC Shisaku Fund

Investment Policy
  • We Fund Hardware Startups incorporated in Japan or North America that haven’t got IPO (private equity)/unlisted
  • Regions*: North America (Canada and USA) and Japan.
  • Stage: Seed/Early Stage Startups with a working prototype.
  • Area: IoT related startups in growing industries
    • Robotics, Sensors, Networking, Big Data Analysis, Medical Devices, Nursing Care, Consumer/Lifestyle, Environmental, Energy
  • Amount: from 10 million yen (USD 90,000) up to 100 million yen (USD 900,000)
  • Purpose: Prototyping Fees  (Industrial Costs)

*Other regions to be covered soon. If you’re a VC interested to partner with us, drop us a message.