MBC Shisaku Fund to invest in Hoplite Power, a CHaaS (Charging as a Service) platform for mobile batteries

Original Press Release in Japanese here

MBC Shisaku No. 1 Investment Business Limited (MBC Shisaku No. 1 Investment Business Co., Ltd.), managed by Makers Boot Camp (operated: Darma Tech Labs, headquartered in Kyoto City, CEO: Narimasa Makino), a general partner (GP), announces it will invest in Hoplite Power HQ: New York City, CEO: Jordan Mayerson (hereinafter referred to as “HLP”), a startup developing a rental service of shared mobile batteries, as the second investment destination of the Fund. In addition, MBC announced that Nobuhiro (Nobu) Seki, Managing Partner of the Fund, will take office as a director of HLP.

Hoplite Power Hub currently used in Manhattan and Brooklyn (New York City).

About Hoplite Power Inc.
Based in NYC, Hoplite Power is developing a CHaaS (Charging as a Service) platform that provides customers with a smartphone battery using a rental sharing system through a charging machine that can automatically replace batteries. Hoplite already installed 10 hubs in NYC. Services that can rent a charged mobile battery when you need to charge the battery in the city have the potential to develop into services that are supported by many business people and others who always need mobile terminals.

◼ About HLP’s visit to Japan and the event to the event
HLP is developing a small lot production with Kyoto Shisaku Network (KSN), a prototype network and will come to Japan for business trips, starting from July 2017. They are planning to participate in events organized by Monozukuri Hardware Startup Consortium in Tokyo and Osaka.

HLP is also looking at global expansion and business development in Japan and is seeking possibilities of cooperation and business development with Japanese companies through MBC and Japanese companies interested in their sharing services. They are planning to meet with stakeholders interested to take part in the future of global shared economy.
MBC has supported startups in Japan and overseas in terms of investment and technology and it will also support marketing, disseminating the fusion of Japanese manufacturing technologies and new business plans based in Kyoto, the monozukuri hub of Japan.

【Future prospect of sharing economy】
Sharing economies such as Airbnb (shared accommodations) Uber (shared rides) are sweeping the world. The scale of the domestic share of economic growth in Japan is expected to grow from 28.5 billion yen in 2015 to 60 billion yen in 2020.( Source: Yano Research Institute Survey)
New York, the largest metropolitan area in North America (with a population of approximately 20 million and the same size as the Keihanshin area), is a huge market of sharing economies such as Airbnb and Uber, and each company is focusing on providing innovative services for a demanding consumer market.