MBC Shisaku Fund to invest in the first Japanese startup: VELDT

“MBC Shisaku No. 1 Investment Limited Liability Partnership” (hereafter “the Fund”) was established as Makers Boot Camp (operated by Darma Tech Labs, head office: Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto City, Representative Director: Narimasa Makino).

Makers Boot Camp is pleased to announce the investment in VELDT Co., Ltd. (HQ: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Hitoshi Nogami, hereinafter “VELDT”) , a startup working on a high-class luxury smartwatch, as the first domestic portfolio company. So far, the Fund has invested in two NYC startups and with VELDT investment MBC aims to expand worldwide starting from Japanese domestic portfolio, through trial production of IoT startup for overseas and also investment. MBC will continue to play a key role in spreading Japanese manufacturing in the world.

About the uniqueness of smartwatch VELDT

With the smartwatch market focused on technical aspects, recently IoT trends are also flowing in quartz watches. Developing a new high-class smart watch combining digital and quartz, VELDT’s outstanding design was evaluated in 2016 and 2017 at the world’s largest exhibition in the world “Baselworld” (Switzerland). In addition to the design of the itself, VELDT also has a very strong commitment to UI and UX, using colors effectively and providing experiences the allow users to have the best of both worlds: digital and analog combined in a luxury choice. VELDT also aims to develop a smartwatch for the rest of our lives.

VELDT has been decided as the first investment case of the Fund for creating a wristband that to NFC chip (technology of contactless IC card) along with MBC. In addition to financing support from this fund, VELDT will also create a prototype for mass production with MBC using, Kyoto Shisaku Net, our unique prototyping network. The startups is also developing wearable smartwatches for women, and in future it will establish the “VELDT brand”

Future smart watch world market trend

Although the smartwatch market was far from digital to date, it is expected that in the future, adding digital elements to quartz will shift towards making analog watches smartwatch, and in that trend VELDT It is also a pioneer of luxury smartwatch. The entire wearable market is gaining attention, and smartwatch development of the world watch brand has also been heating up, so luxury smartwatch market is expected to expand in the future.

MBC has raised ¥ 2 billion in financing this year, aims to strengthen cooperation with financial institutions and operating companies in each field, to make “Kyoto the capital of manufacturing and IoT startup”.

Contact: Mari Futagami | PR & Community Manager: [email protected]