"MBC Shisaku Fund" to support the third International investment: Bonbouton, developing graphene foot sensors for diabetic patients

MBC Shisaku No.1 Investment Business Limited (MBC Shisaku No. 1 Investment Business Co., Ltd.), which is managed as a general partner (GP), is managed by Makers Boot Camp (operated: Darma Tech Labs, headquartered in Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto City, Representative Director: Makino Narimasa) MBC is announcing that we have invested in Bonbouton (head office: New York City, CEO: Linh Le, “BB”) as the fifth investment (domestic & overseas) . BB patented the flexible graphene sensing element which can be beneficial not only in foot care but also other general health care application. MBC will continue to increase the opportunity to spread Kyoto prototype technology to the world by technical / financial support to startups with excellent technology that may be world standards.

☆ About the problem of diabetic patients

Increasing medical expenses has become a social problem in the United States, and preventive medicine has attracted great interest as a means of solving the problem. Within the United States, as many as 30 million people are suffering from diabetes, and 70,000 people per year have cut down legs caused by diabetes. The 5-year survival rate after foot amputation was estimated of around 60%, and BB aims to improve the quality of life by reducing the foot amputation instances during the diabetic treatment. BB is trying to solve this problem with graphene sensors in the United States, where the importance of medical care is being discussed.

BB is developing a platform that monitors early symptoms appearing in legs as a complication of diabetic patient, though a shoe insole sensor that informs the patient through the application. Insole type sensor using graphene does not change feeling in usual insoles.
BB is also the graduate of Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator, the biggest acceleration program in New York City, currently participating in the DIGITAL HEALTH BREAKTHROUGH NETWORK in New York City and through this program it’s conducting a clinical pilot with major hospitals in the city. After proving effectiveness in clinical trials, BB plans to offer services for general consumers in 2019.

☆ About graphene

“Graphene”, which was a recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physics 2010, is a sheet graphite with one to several carbon atoms. It is extremely thin, has the same strength as diamond, high flexibility / electrical and thermal conductivity, and it is regarded as promising as a substitute for silicon and precious metals due to its high chemical resistance and heat resistance. Linh Le, a graphene researcher and CEO of BB, BB owns five patents related to the special printing technology of ink-soluble graphene oxide and is currently applying for a new patent. The New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) predicts that the market size of graphene will be 100 billion yen in 2030 (1.3 billion information old in 13 years?), And the market size of its applied products will be several ten times doing.
MBC will continue to increase the opportunity to spread Kyoto prototype technology to the world by technical / financial support to venture with high technology that has reached top global standards.

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