smart shoe that allows users to measure and track vitals using smartphone
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Contact: Linh Le (CEO & Co-Founder)
Address: 415 Madison Ave – 4th floor, NYC – New York 10017
E-Mail: [email protected]
TEL +1 (917) 553 2028


Bonbouton is a cutting-edge health technology company with a mission to advance human well-being by making useful tools that harness body signals. The team’s first product, a smart insole system, detects early signs of foot ulcers before they form so people living with diabetes can access preventative healthcare and confidently manage their health. It’s comfortable to wear, simple to use, and hidden from plain sight.

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Bonbouton has a patent on graphene thermal sensor, the first of its kind and ideally suited for use in textiles, using traditional apparel manufacturing and offering a very comfortably, hardly noticed


Bonbouton’ vision is to sense the invisible and enable every human to live a healthier life. The team’s initial focus is to develop a smart insole that can detect changes in pressure and temperature to alert people living with diabetes of an upcoming ulcer. Within the United States, 30 million people are suffering from diabetes, of which 70, 000 people have discontinued lower limbs caused by diabetes. 

Additionally, towering medical expenses has become an enormous problem in the United States, and increasing ways to utilize preventive medicine in society could help solve the issue.

The Future

Graphene technology has huge potential when it comes to managing chronic pain and other healthcare conditions, creating a holistic health experience, enabling people to track health information, speak with caregivers, and even make payments for medical bills and supplies — all through the company’s app.

Future products will include graphene sensors with patented technology, which are expected to grow as a medical technology solution not only for foot care but also sensor application for general health and wellness.

This technology originated and further developed from the Stevens Institute of Technology, allowing Bonbouton to emerge as an industry leader in microsensor technology, developing mechanically flexible and molecularly thin sensors for monitoring skin temperature with graphene oxide (GO).

The upcoming Bonbouton graphene oxide (GO) sensor will deliver flexible, thin and comfortable solutions that detect a variety of pathophysiological developments – including fever, exhaustion and blister formation prior to diabetic foot ulcer development.

Bonbouton is also a graduate of the largest acceleration program in NYC, Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator (ERA), and has participated in Brinc, e-Lab, Next To Makers, Health IT Connection, YC School, and is currently enrolled in MassChallenge. Through Monozukuri Bootcamp 2016 program with Makers Boot Camp , Bonbouton was able to conduct clinical trials with major hospitals in NYC.

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  • The company’s first product, a connected insole system, helps diabetic users track their foot health, detect early signs of ulcers, and prevent eventual amputations.
  • The insoles send data and healthcare notifications to connected smartphones, and patients can review the data in Bonbouton’s app and send it to caregivers and podiatrists.

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