Contact Masayuki Kanehara (CEO)
Address 550 Akahama, Sōja-shi, Okayama-ken 719-1121, Japan
E-mail [email protected]
TEL +81 866-92-5111
URL cink.jp


C-INK was founded in 2012 by Masayuki Kanehara who explored the properties of nano-metals as a graduate student at the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. The startup is supporting fast, inexpensive and flexible circuit board production using metal nanoink that can be printed with conventional inkjet printers.

Features of nanoink

  • Crack-free when it dries
  • Conducts electricity better than other materials, with better adhesion properties
  • Optimized for inkjet printers
  • Compatible with all types of inkjet heads, including piezoelectric and thermal varieties.

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