Hava Health

Contact Josh Israel (Co-Founder & CEO)
E-Mail [email protected]
TEL +1 609 933 4660
URL www.havahealth.com


Hava Health’s team of entrepreneurs brings their background of mechanical & electrical engineers, medical doctors and developers to build a solution for helping reduce deaths related to smoking, by providing a product that slowly weans smokers off their nicotine addiction.

The startup is developing a low-harm, low-risk digital drug therapy IoT device that will adequately and regressively deliver nicotine and encourage user’s cessation.


  • Automatically lowers the nicotine dosage on a unique customized case-by-case basis.
  • Progressively increases the “clean” oil dosage.
  • Users will be able to smoke their vaporizer pen whenever and however they want.


  • Split-pod, dual-coil designed vaporizer pen that will pair via Bluetooth with a custom designed smartphone application for iPhones.
  • One half will contain nicotine oil and the other will contain “clean” or “essential” oils to mix with the nicotine.

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