mui Lab

Contact Kazunori Oki (CEO and Co-Founder)
Address 294-1 Yanagino-Bamba, Higashi-iru, Morita Bldg., 2nd fl., Ebisugawa-dori, Tawaraya-cho, Kyoto Japan
E-Mail [email protected]
TEL +81-75-708-8660


mui Lab is a Kyoto-based tech startup developing IoT interfaces that enable a “calm” digital living. The company was founded in 2017 as NISSHA Group’s internal entrepreneurial project and became an independent business in April 2019 through a management buyout. mui Lab has presented its work on various global stages, including Milan Salone and Consumer Electronics Show (CES), and has garnered worldwide media attention.


The mui wooden panel, the company’s flagship home control device, uses the mui technology that turns any wood surface into a touch-sensitive interactive display. mui Lab is also working to develop additional “calm” digital interfaces that serve as alternatives to attention-demanding black screens.

How It Works

1. Swipe the surface of the wood panel with your finger to activate a device.
2. A display consisting of dotted lights will glow from within the wood.
3. Make a use of a device by exchanging text and voice messages, checking news and weather, adjusting the lighting and temperature of your home, playing music etc.

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