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smart shoe, colorful glowing shoe
man speaking and presenting in front of audience

Company 株式会社 no new folk studio (ノーニューフォークスタジオ)
Contact 菊川 裕也 (Yuya Kikukawa)
Address 〒101-0022 東京都千代田区神田練塀町3 富士ソフト秋葉原ビル 12F
DMM.make AKIBA 107

A platform where Life becomes Art and your Shoes become Smart

smart shoe, colorful glowing shoe


Orphe is a brand new “Smart Footwear” with about 100 full-color LEDs, real-time motion sensor and Bluetooth module.
By using the free iOS / Android apps, you can freely design light color, animation and the response to foot movement. By using the mac free ap, you can create and improvise new movements, such as recording data obtained from a motion sensor or using it as an instrument or VR controller.


With beautiful gradation and catchable glowing animation, Orphe introduces LED sole for new ways of expression, with built-in motion sensor that detects legs movement in real time and gets analyzed in high accurate data. From the entertainment field to the development of IoT healthcare products, no new folks becomes a world player in the smart shoes industry.

By connecting to smartphone and computer, Orphe may turn into a musical instrument and controller.
If you are a developer, you can develop an application compatible with Orphe by using the free SDK. You may use this as a dance, music, health care, VR/AR and more.

man speaking and presenting in front of audience


Artists, dancers, athletes (pro & amateur), sports and health enthusiasts (early adopters)

    • 100 LEDs for delicate but dynamic express: edit the light color, design, motion freely, by compatible application in smartphone.
    • Connect to Smartphones and Mac via Bluetooth
    • Analyze the motion in real time: 9-axis sensors acceleration/angular velocity/terrestrial magnetism can detect the motion of your legs.
    • Orphe Piano: Convert foot movement to music. A new music performance application.

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