Proteus Motion Inc. (formerly Boston Biomotion)

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Contact Sam Miller (CEO & Founder)
Address 45-50 30th Street, 7th Floor, Suite 19 – Long Island City, NY 11101– USA
TEL 781-910-7489

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Proteus Motion Inc. (formerly Boston Biomotion) brings 21st Century innovation to a key industry that hasn’t been disrupted in a long time. This personalized exercise & rehabilitation experience optimizes human performance through robotics and data analytics.
The American startup is working on a SaaS business model that improves both injury recovery and performance results for healthcare professionals & athletes.

The team has studied the fitness market and presents a business plan validated with the help of diverse stakeholders & influencers, key “personas” for their planned product, including the #1 orthopedic hospital in the United States (The Hospital for Special Surgery). The target applications include: pro-sports & performance training facilities, sports teams and hospitals, each one having their own specific needs.

team presenting strength training and performance optimization system
strength training and performance optimization system


  • End users will have access to high-end fitness equipments & performance analytics, and in the future, the solution can be expanded to Health Clubs, Gyms, Rehab Clinics, Assisted Living Facilities & High Schools.
  • Based on MIT-technology, the startup uses sensors and AI to provide customized data on human performance.

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