Space Power Technologies

Contact Furukawa Minoru (CEO)

Address 1-36 Kyoto University Katsura Campus, Goryohara, Nishikyo-ku, Kyoto, 615-8245

 TEL 075-925-8841



Kyoto-based startup Space Power Technologies is striving to create a true wireless society by developing a microwave wireless power transmission system. Its CEO Furukawa Minoru has pioneered the WPT while working on a wireless power supply for the large manufacturer. Other team members have been exploring wireless technology in various areas.


  • Does not require any specific location or constant charging.
  • Possible to deliver electricity from a distance to mobile terminals and IoT sensors.

Possible use cases

  • Automation and labor saving for order picking systems
  • Labor saving for infrastructure monitoring
  • High precision and high functionality in the machining centers
  • Charging wireless devices using mobile objects.

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