Y’s Global Vision

Contact Yoshifumi Yanase (Representative Director and President)
Address 5192-47 Katsuren Haebaru, Uruma City, Okinawa, Japan 904-2311
E-Mail [email protected]
TEL +81-98-923-1432
FAX +81-98-923-1872
URL ysgv.jp


Y’s Global Vision Co., Ltd. is a company focused on developing products related to water. The company’s latest offering is the MYZ Series – portable desalination machines that can purify seawater and other contaminants and removes 99.99% viruses and bacteria. It’s ideal for emergency situations where clean drinking water is imperative.


  • Small, compact and lightweight
  • Can be utilized quickly in the emergency case
  • Cost efficient – each liter runs at approximately 5 cents per liter.
  • Water sources includes seawater, rivers, rain water, swimming pools, deep-well, brackish water and the like.


  • The smallest portable desalination machine is E-40 which has a water purification amount of 35~40L/H for seawater and 70~80L/H for tap water, two models available – Suitcase and Frame.
  • There are also larger versions at 250L/H, 500L/H, 1000L/H and 1500L/H.

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